Thursday, January 06, 2005

A new year has blown in with and I feel like I already behind. Oh wait, I think I am behind. There is much to tell, but it's late. So for now I simply will post this public service announcement for all you jazz fans out there.

Monday January the 10th
at the Bohemian Cafe in Greenville, SC
Reese Gray & Jason Krekel
quite alive and in person
playing Old Time Jazz
and other pieces both exotic and esoteric!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Hey! i have my own brand spanking new website! It just got set up today, so it's not very exciting quite yet, but look for new updates very soon! hee hee i'm so excited i'm using exclamation points!!!~w

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Yikes, it's been a while since i've posted. What have i been doing? Mostly working on music charts because i've finally found someone willing to work on them with me and feel like that's finally getting somewhere. I hosted a going away party for a friend who left for Scotland for six months that was very low-key and quiet, but we played some music and enjoyed each others company. I went to my first training session for the artist-in-residence type program with Greenville Arts Council and am very excited about working with them in the fall. I may have found a summer job as well working with kids, but keep you fingers crossed for me. The weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming so it's been good to be outside. I took the laptop out to the porch today to work because it was just too nice to sit inside. Now i'm off to spend a little social time and see a movie with friends since i've been very hermit like the past few days. There is certainly plenty to do, but writing hasn't been a big priority for me lately...i get to it soon. I think it's supposed to be stormy tomorrow. That seems like a good day for writing.~w

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Okay, okay, i've been slack in posting. I think it's the "spend as little time on the computer as possible" feeling i've been having lately. It is so much more exciting to talk to real live people and be out and about doing things now that Spring is showing her beautiful face with daffodils and hyacinths blooming around the house. I had an entertaining visit from my roommate and the Asylum Street Spankers that was far too short. Now i'm battling snow again up in Indiana and Ohio, but so far it hasn't put a damper on our shows. We have one more performance for the little green ones today before driving back to North Carolina. It is St. Patrick's day after all and all good little leprechans are very green today. Speaking of St. Pat's...Happy Day to my friend Patrick who may not be quite the saint, but certainly deserves a festive day of his own since he's one of us who gets the Birthday/Christmas wishes only once a year.~w

Friday, March 05, 2004

I've been running around doing Poetry Alive! shows again. The driving makes my brain go all mushy, because I think myself in silent circles until there is nothing to think anymore. Out on the highway everything becomes so simple after a few hours of the same road, the same cars and trucks, the same signs for the same gas stations, hotels and restaurants.

I did get to see something a little different in Buffalo. Though it's best known for wings, we took some local advice and went to lunch at Rick's Cafe American (formerly known as the Polish Villa and apparently the setting for part of the sit-com Jesse with Christina Applegate). There we got a true taste of the art and food of Buffalo's thriving Polish community. I felt like a learned a little something new, tried some tasty new food and really visited a bit of Buffalo. There's something about eating at places like Applebee's and TGIFriday's that depresses me. I mean, why drive for 12 hours to someplace new only to see the same corporate structures that have sprouted in your own town. Buffalo isn't Asheville and Asheville isn't Buffalo, so i was glad to catch a little bit of what makes them different.~w

Friday, February 20, 2004

I finally got around to messing with the photos i've been collecting on the digital camera i got for my birthday/christmas present from Dad. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure...

From Reese's going away party (click on photo for big picture):
Lynn watches Reese elbow the piano Pimpin Joann Smitty Krekel Joe Pimpin Scott Joe Smitty Krekel Amy

Puppy Love:
Mama Rosie puppies 1 puppies 2
puppies 3 puppies 4

Home Sweet Home:
House Front Winter view from porch Livingroom on Party-vision

Also, Taylor Mali has a map of the states he has visited in his journal so i thought i'd include my own.

These are the states I've at least stopped and put my feet on the ground:

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

These are the states where I have given a performance of some sort:

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

If anyone wants to pay me to come perform music or poetry or both in one of my missing states I'd be happy to work something out (you can pay me to come perform in one of the states i've been to as well, i'm not really that picky).

Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, then i've said plenty and call this post "done."~w

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Boy oh boy. It's another "Hallmark" Holiday, but i didn't send any cards. But then i guess there are plenty of people that find other ways to express their love than sending a card. I did try to call family and a few friends because i do care, i just hate feeling like i'm obligated to do anything in particular to "show the world how i feel." Mostly i just play this day rather low key and hope to avoid any bad luck. Okay, after getting through Friday the 13th that probably sounds weird. But, for some reason i never have problems with that day, just Thursday the 12th (which i'm happy to say was a particularly good day) and February 14th. One year i was lucky enough to be part of the "in-crowd" and actually had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Our homemade dinner was ruined by a trip to the emergency room because i'd come down with an acute ear infection. And no, there was nothing very "cute" about it. Last year the day is clouded in shadow. I can't seem to remember where i was, or what i was doing. Maybe in hiding. I remember the year before locking my keys in the car with it running in my driveway. Wait, sometime around there was the "we are not in love" conversation. My guess is that it was sometime before the date to avoid the obligation to "buy things." I think it's my own fear of the day that causes problems. fear.

Although technically last night after midnight (making it officially V-day) i did have an intelligent, attractive man flirt with me. But, it was less than romantic since he was drunk and i was not. He was babbling, and shushed me more than once so he could finish his liquid trains of thought. He missed the point that he was trying to impress me with stories of the "far-away" city that was actually my hometown. So, when he tried to pet my hair and poked me in the eye, I decided it was time to go. He seemed to hope to blame it on the fact that i preferred girls or wouldn't date him because i was friends with his new roommate. I told him neither was true and managed to escape without having to mention the real reason. What was the real reason? I guess i didn't enjoy being treated like a doll..."sit there looking pretty, quiet with smile on your face while i talk myself in circles and try to get my sweaty drunk hands on you." I guess in the end attraction is more than a pretty face to me. I need to feel like there is mentally and emotionally some connection, something worth sharing that somehow we can learn from each other. And I know the difference in how it feels to hold the hand of someone who is a lead weight pulling me down rather than a ray of energy that bounces between our palms making us both feel beautiful and light and loved.

So, i'm flying solo today. I'll go dance to some beautiful music made by beautiful people without fear. Because I know that even though I don't have a Valentine today, that doesn't stop me from loving and be loved by all the wonderful friends and family that life has already gifted to me.~w

View from the porch

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